August 19 2008

West Hollywood Sunset Strip Walking Tour

Get the real feel of West Hollywood, California with our Sunset Strip walking tour.  Highlites include behind the scenes info on the famous Strip.  Hear from Roxy owner, Nic Adler.


January 29 2008

Rockin’ at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip



Hello fellow jet-setters, we are in West Hollywood! Just a short 20 minute drive from LAX airport and another 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, West Hollywood is very accessible.  And with so many fun and crazy things to do in West Hollywood, you could spend days here!

As you walk the Sunset Strip—which did you know –that the Strip in Vegas COPIED it’s name from the Sunset Strip?  As you walk this historic street, you can literally breathe in history.  Take all the many nightclubs for example: The Whiskey A Go Go, which is both famous and infamous, and even the lesser known clubs like the Cat Club. Don’t forget to grab a slice of pizza at Frankie and Johnnies, either!

journeyPod had the pleasure of sitting down with Nic Adler, the owner of the Roxy, who literally grew up inside the Roxy—riding his skateboard across the stage and crashing a Gladys Knight and the Pips show.  Wanna hear more?  I know you do….so take a listen….

Get ready to "rock on" in West Hollywood! I’ll leave you with the unique song, “Ants in Hollywood” by Francis Collete.“


Celeb Movie Premieres at Hollywood’s Historic El Capitan

Hello fellow jet-setters, we’re on Hollywood Blvd, in Hollywood, California!  As we walk down the street we see the famed Kodak Theatre and the Chinese Grauman Theatre.  Find your favorite “star” on the sidewalk and say “cheese!” Afterall, you are allowed to be a tourist ever once and again.  If you look closely up to the hills, you see the most famous landmark of Hollywood—the Hollywood sign!  

 If you’re in the mood to see the latest Disney or Pixar film, you’ll find many theatres in and around Hollywood, but if you want to EXPERIENCE a movie, head over to the El Capitan Theatre.  This historic landmark is THE place to see a movie—and even see a celeb at their premiere!

journeyPod was given the royal treatment that included a private tour with the executive director, Ed Collins. We learned some inside scoop and then had VIP seats (that included popcorn and soda!) for the new Disney film, Ratatouille. There is no other way to see a movie!  We’re believers now! Let’s take a listen…   Swing on by the El Capitan Theatre and enjoy the pipe organ, popcorn, and the true experience of “going to the movies.”  I’ll leave you with the smooth sounds of Lorena Mire and her song, “Movies in My Head.”


Celebrity Hotspots: The Dolce Group

journeyPod is your guide to luxury travel around the world.  We give you VIP access to the hippest hotels, hottest nightlife, and coolest restaurants. 

Only in Hollywood will you find the legendary Sunset Strip, and Hollywood Blvd, home to unparalleledd nightlife, innovative dining, and world-class shopping.  And in what other 1.9 square mile city will you find 14 distinctive hotels? It's no wonder it's the place where the stars come out to play!

Today, we're at Geisha House, a modern Japanese restaurant, sushi bar and sake lounge that embraces the flavor of traditional Japan while catering to the hip, sophisticated clientele of Los Angeles. At the restaurant today, Barry Levinson is filming his newest film, featuring Robert DeNiro. We visited with Lonnie Moore, partner of the Dolce Group, a Los Angeles-based restaurant and nightlife team whose portfolio includes Geisha House, Dolce Enoteca, Ketchup, Les Deux, and Bella Cucina Italiana.

Check out our Los Angeles Destination Guide for other groovy restaurants like Dolce Enoteca.

Enjoy the unique sounds from Brainpool and their song, "How to Find a Decent Sushi Bar."


Relax in Luxury at a Lavish South Bay Spa


journeyPod is your guide to luxury travel around the world. Beyond L.A.'s  tangle of freeways, you can pedal, snorkel, and kayak your way to a truly great outdoor weekend. Whether it is for a few hours or a few days, we all got to get away sometime. Just beyond the urban sprawl is The South Bay -- consisting of the beach cities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach.  

Besides the beautiful beaches, and beautiful people, there is a ton of boutique shopping, lunching, and just plain-old professional athlete sight-seeing to be had. Whether it is watching your favorite professional beach volleyball player spike the ball around, or boutique shopping, the South Bay is a trendy and hip place to be seen. On any given night you may run into Andy Roddick or Nomar Garciaparra at Zinc Lounge in Manhattan Beach.

After all that strenuous outdoor activity, you will be needing some TLC. Head to the place where the local professional athletes go when they need to relax and rejuvenate. You may even run into a certain robe-clad outfielder from the Dodgers, like I did in the Quiet Room at Trilogy Spa in Manhattan Beach. Trilogy Spa is a journeyPod pick for best spa in Los Angeles.


AVP: Beach Volleyball at its best

journeyPod is your guide to luxury travel around the world. We give you VIP access to the hippest hotels, hottest nighlife and coolest restaurants.

It is beach volleyball season! The AVP tour, established in 1983,  is in full-swing, with records already being broken. This year the tour kicked off April 13 in Miami, and now in its 5th week, it is in Hermosa Beach, CA where journeyPod caught up with some of the great players like second seed Sean Rosenthal, better known by his fans as "Rosie", had the chance to chat with the "official voice" of the AVP, Chris "Geeter" McGee, and landed an interview with indie band PaperBack Hero who just happened to be doing an acoustic set with their friend Ben Carey of Lifehouse. (Ladies, be sure to listen to find out what accent this Aussie guy prefers.) Hermosa Beach is a favorite stop on the tour for many of the players as they grew up here and this is their "home turf."  Besides, as Rosie said, it's great to roll out of bed and walk to the tourney!

journeyPod also had the honour of watching the great legend of volleyball, Karch Kiraly, play for his last time in Hermosa Beach and partake in history as Misty May-Treanor (see photo above) beat Holly McPeak's record for most female wins: 73. 

You do not have to live at the beach to experience these amazing athletic contests.  The tour continues this coming weekend in Louisville, KY, then makes stops in Tampa, Atlanta, Charleston, Chicago, Boston, Brooklyn, Cinicinnati, and many more. Check out the complete schedule.

And if you are in need of new volleyball apparel or gear, the VB Superstore is your one-stop online shop for everything volleyball.

Check out my new favorite song at the end of the podcast, Comic Book Hero Girl, by PaperBack Hero. If you are in the Los Angeles area on July 9th check them out in Hollywood at The Key Club, and tell them Andrea from journeyPod sent you.


Sunset Plaza: Fashionable boutiques and celebrity galore

journeyPod is your guide to luxury travel around the world. We give you VIP access to the hippest hotels, hottest nighlife and coolest restaurants.

If you are looking for the perfect girl's afternoon out in Los Angeles, journeyPod has found just the place.  A chic, little two-block strip of fashionable boutiques and outdoor cafe's nestled between Hollywood & Beverly Hills, Sunset Plaza's trendy bistros and boutiques line both sides of the adding a European flair to West Hollywood.

You might think that Sunset Plaza was a recent addition to the area, but in fact this small center was built back in the 1930's.

The little shops feature the latest and greatest styles and therefore,  attract celebs, as well as residents of the posh neighborhoods to the west. Armani A/X, H. Lorenzo, D&G, Nicole Miller and Oliver Peoples are all here.  But the journeyPod pick for best boutique in Sunset Plaza is On Sunset, co-owned by fashionista Shauna Stein and The Young and the Restless star, Lauralee Bell.

Besides the shopping, the people-watching here is the biggest attraction. There are more beautiful people (and supermodel wannabes) here than just about anywhere else in town, all part of the passing parade.

Grab your credit card -- we are going shopping!

Enjoy the fun sounds of group +nurse and their song, "Former supermodel cocktail waitress."


Super Model watching while sipping espresso

journeyPod is your guide to luxury travel around the world. We give you VIP access to the hippest hotels, hottest nighlife and coolest restaurants.

Celebrities pop up everywhere in Los Angeles. If you spend enough time here, you'll surely bump into a few of them. If you're in the city for only a short time, however, it's best to go on the offensive.

The Sunset Strip -- a 1 3/4-mile stretch of Sunset Boulevard is a good place to start.  That is where you will find The Comedy Store, where Rosanne, Robin Williams, and David Letterman rose to stardom; Dan Aykroyd's ramshackle House of Blues, where the rock stars still show up for an impromptu show; Johnny Depp's Viper Room, where River Phoenix overdosed in 1993; Whisky A Go-Go, where The Doors were once a house band; and the Rainbow Bar & Grill, where Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Marley became legends.

If you like the idea of a sidewalk cafes where you can sit and sip espresso under an umbrella while you watch the Rolls Royces and supermodels cruise by, The Sunset Strip is for you!

You can choose from a number of sidewalk cafe's including journeyPod pick, Cravings. The hard work of this family-owned business has stood the test of time for two and a half decades and has remained unmoved. Pull up a chair and enjoy the good life while enjoying the fun sounds of group, Buck Brothers and their song "Girls, Skirts, Boots, Bikes."


Bin8945: Pour it on at this hip modern European bistro

journeyPod is your guide to luxury travel around the world. We give you VIP access to the hippest hotels, hottest nighlife and coolest restaurants.

As sip becomes hip, more and more wine bars are pouring onto the LA scene. This boom in intimate, dark places to sip Brunello di Montalcino and chat over Petite Syrah, is driven in particular by young people's enthusiasm for wine, and by a rise in wine popularity across all age groups because of greater availability and affordability.

Wine is undergoing a popularization in Los Angeles that's making it appeal to a wider range of ages and income levels. Wine bars are becoming a nightlife trend, following the martini and cigar-bar crazes of the last decade.

Many bars and restaurants in the area are making wine a priority.  BottleRock in Culver City is a wine bar and shop, offering many interesting, eclectic selections from around the globe.  At Lou they have a fun list that changes about every six weeks to reflect the changing seasons. The food is secondary, almost an afterthought.

The journeyPod pick for best wine bar in Los Angeles is Bin 8945. Bin8945 is so much more than a wine bar ---  it can be described as a hip, modern European bistro designed around the pairing of wine and food.  journeyPod sat down with owner, David Haskell, to discuss his new one-of-a-kind experience called Bin8945. 

Drink more wine: It's not just for special occasions; it can be a part of everyday life!  And as your sipping, enjoy the smooth sounds of My Virtual Band and their song, Red Wine.


The Fabulous and Fun WeHo Gay Scene

journeyPod is your guide to luxury travel around the world. We give you VIP access to the hippest hotels, hottest nighlife and coolest restaurants.

Santa Monica Boulevard is named in the Sheryl Crow song "All I Wanna Do" (Is have some fun!) and not surprisingly - this eclectic thoroughfare is one of LA's largest, connecting the eastside of Los Angeles with the Pacific Ocean.

This area of West Hollywood is home to City Hall and the "largest street party in the world," the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival.

Santa Monica Boulevard

is also home to the most popular gay & lesbian scene in Los Angeles, sometimes referred to as "Boys Town," with fun gay nightclubs, bookstores, and cafes all of which are bustling on any given evening. From upscale to low-key, anyone fits in when you are experiencing the WeHo gay scene. If you have ever heard the phrase, "There is not enough variety amongst West Hollywood restaurants."  I can tell you that is certainly Not true! Morton's, Il Sole, BOA, and Mel's are just some of the over 150 restaurants. West Hollywood suits everyone's palate.  The journeyPod pick for most interesting restaurant in WeHo is Eleven.If the walls of Eleven could talk, oh the stories they would surely tell!  Eleven is housed in a building that dates back to the 1920's and was once a bank and a recording studio.

Chef Vincent Manna prepared an extensive tasting for us that consisted of  a tomato creme soup with an in-season squash blossom, Maui onion rings (Which I must admit were the best onion rings I have had!), a whitecorn puree with truffles, and a unique dish of tuna sashimi with watermelon.

 journeyPod then had the opportunity to sit down with owner, Richard Grossi, and learn some interesting tidbits about this restaurant.

Get down to Eleven and grab some onion rings!  On your way, enjoy the rock sounds of Backslider and their song, Eleven East.

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